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Preserving Digital Heritage - The Impact of NFT.Storage


Discover NFT.Storage's impact and how joining our DAO supports digital preservation

Elizabeth GriffithsApril 22, 2024

At NFT.Storage, we are committed to safeguarding the digital legacy of NFTs through robust, decentralized storage solutions. NFT.Storage Classic, our foundational service, has established itself as a pivotal resource in the NFT ecosystem, providing indispensable support for creators, marketplaces, and collectors. This blog post highlights the significant impact of NFT.Storage Classic over the past period and invites you to join our community to continue supporting these vital public goods.

A Cornerstone for NFT Longevity

Since its inception, NFT.Storage Classic has been instrumental in ensuring the longevity and accessibility of NFT data. Leveraging the decentralized storage capabilities of the Filecoin Network and IPFS, we've created an easy-to-use secure and verifiable system that addresses the critical need for durable digital preservation.

Impact Highlights from October 2023 to March 2024

Over the past six months, NFT.Storage Classic has demonstrated substantial growth and effectiveness:

  • User Engagement: Our platform has been trusted by over 165,000 users, including NFT creators, minting platforms, and marketplaces. The simplicity and efficiency of our service have made it a standard choice in the community, appreciated for its user-friendly experience.

  • Data Management: We managed a staggering 137.6 million uploads, storing a total of 660TB of data that is retrievable through the NFT.Storage Gateway. This volume underscores our capacity and reliability in handling vast amounts of information, ensuring that NFTs remain retrievable and secure.

  • Educational Outreach: NFT.Storage has extended its educational initiatives, partnering with institutions like Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) to teach the use of decentralized storage for digital collections. Our team has also worked closely with developer advocates from Filecoin Ethereum Virtual Machine (FEVM) and the Filecoin Foundation to educate and onboard hackathon participants, spreading knowledge about decentralized solutions.

  • Preservation of Cultural Assets: Through projects like Pob Studio’s Preserve Initiative we have utilized our platform to safeguard off-chain data for NFT projects at risk of disappearing from the digital landscape, thereby contributing to the preservation of cultural heritage.

Trusted by Leading Platforms

NFT.Storage Classic is the preferred choice for major NFT platforms and services, demonstrating our impact and trust within the ecosystem:

  • Utilizes NFT.Storage to retrieve off-chain NFT data for Solana blockchain users, enhancing their experience on Solcan.
  • Tatum: Has integrated NFT.Storage into their development platform, making it a seamless part of their service offerings for developers and creators.
  • Zora: Employs NFT.Storage to support their mission of making internet creation valuable and free, ensuring creators can preserve their digital assets.
  • Rarible: Uses NFT.Storage to enhance their NFT minting platform and marketplace, providing reliable storage solutions that power brands and creators on Ethereum and Polygon networks.

The Value of Community and Collaboration

The success of NFT.Storage Classic is not just in its technology but also in the vibrant community that supports and utilizes our platform. By joining the newly formed NFT.Storage DAO, you can help sustain and shape the future of NFT preservation. Membership in the DAO allows you to engage with a global network of NFT enthusiasts and have a say in the strategic direction of our services.

Join Our Community

We invite you to become part of the NFT.Storage community. Your involvement supports the mission of providing accessible, decentralized storage solutions and ensures that NFTs are preserved for future generations. Join the NFT.Storage DAO today and show your support for these vital public goods. Your engagement will help us continue to innovate and lead in the preservation of digital assets.

Join our community and support NFT preservation